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biography paula broadwell. another american is now getting caught up in the whole thing and that is the top commander in afghanistan, general john allen. turns out the pentagon is now investigating him as well for sending inappropriate e-mails to jill kelly. now, if you remember from yesterday, kelly is the same woman who sparked this whole investigation because petraeus' mistress paula broadwell was sending her e-mails. allen is saying he did nothing wrong and is maintaining his current position within the military. now, many are wondering why the fbi would get involved if this is nothing more than an affair. but we're now hearing fears of potential security leaks. in a speech at the university of denver broadwell suggested the libya attack was targeting a secret prison at the benghazi consulate. federal agents have been searching broadwell's home. late last night and into early this morning. not only did she have thousands of e-mails between her and petraeus detailing the affair. she also had classified ma
caught up in the investigation. along with petraeus and paula broadwell, there is jill kelley and top afghanistan commander john allen. the pentagon is now investigating general allen for allegedly sending thousands of inappropriate e-mails to kelley but allen is saying he did nothing wrong and the president and the army are standing by him. >> the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to his country. as well as the job he has done in afghanistan. >> i believe john allen until somebody proves otherwise i believe that he did nothing inappropriate. >> that was white house spokesman jay carney and former army vice chief of staff peter tee ellie. jill kelley also received threatening letters from paula broadwell. now a 911 call is coming to light of kelley telling dispatchers saying she needed diplomatic protection. as the scandal widens, broadwell is holing herself up in the home of her brother near rock creek park. a jogger found broadwell's lost driver's license in the park and turned
kind of friendly with petraeus. paula broadwell the mistress, she is jealous of jill kelly so she starts sending her some threatening e-mails. ugly e-mails. now -- but here's what's different about this is this jill kelly's got a friend who happens to be an fbi agent. she says something to him about man, i've been getting these ugly e-mails from this woman -- from somebody, i'm not sure who they are and he says oh, we'll open an fbi investigation into that. and in doing so, they discover the e-mails are coming from petraeus' mistress and from this woman and then they discover she is, in fact, petraeus' mistress. so then it blows up. they confront petraeus. he goes to the president. he offered his resignation. so my questions are why is the fbi involved in this in the first place. this is what they did in the days of j. edgar hoover. they investigated people's secret sex lives. they were investigates, you know finding out who was having an affair. the fbi was using it. hoover was using it to blackmail people.
we trust paula broadwell? we trust what she was saying because she was sleeping with david petraeus or is that totally irrelevant? we don't know yet. >> john: that's how the fbi got gotti. do you think that if that were the case, if that attack was motivated because there was a secret c.i.a. black sight prison somewhere in the consulate this is what the c.i.a.'s director's girlfriend was saying in a speech. when fox news and information clearing house are agreeing on something, i'm disturbed in general. or inspired. but if that's the case, is that a scandal so huge that the media won't even touch it? >> i think the media will touch it. the media is digging on it. i know certainly our michael hastings is look at it. i'm sure national security report from every news outlet is digging because that would be the finish in some ways, the story of the century. you're tapping into the major pop culture moment and the return to -- and sort of a massive national security breakthrough. i mean everybody wants that s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4